Vashali on Oct 13, 2016

My son and I took ALL three levels of the GoGo Babies classes, twice a week! Yes – we went TWO times a week because Ellynne creates a beautiful community that comes together with music and movement. We explored milestones (sitting, crawling, and walking) while becoming aware of many other developmental wonders (tracking/vision, smiling, clapping, etc.). Twice a week we “filled in the gaps” for our hyper-nuclear family (our family is far away/ my mom recently passed) with a rich educational foundation, warm space and Ellyne’s loving spirit.

There is no other class as educational out there. Worries transformed to learning lessons and fears became bonding moments. Through teething, wonder weeks, and more … she inspired us to be the best parents we could. There are so many ways to engage in tummy time taught in her class. When our son began to stand, we were encouraged to enable cruising and he was walking before we knew it. We learned about countless resources, natural remedies, and now have so many lovely songs – that we still sing – to energize and center us for the day’s next adventure.

Spouses, caregivers, and grandparents are welcomed with open arms!